What is The Future of Cyber Security?

In today’s world, more and more of our business and personal activities are conducted online using connected devices. That makes cyber security a major concern in every aspect of our lives. However, due to the new technologies and constant evolution of the tactics by cybercriminals and cyber security teams, one cannot conclusively predict the future of cyber security. So, it is important to fathom the gravity of cyber security and how its future is shaping up.

While this might be true, the predictions of cyber security experts based on the current trends can give you an idea of where we are heading. For instance, by the end of 2021, cyber security specialists predict that financial damages resulting from cybercrime will reach six trillion dollars. Cyber-attacks are fast-growing and are arguably the fastest forms of crime in the U.S. based on such information, what is the future of cyber security?

What is The Future of Cyber Security - What is The Future of Cyber Security?

Increased Security Threats

As we proceed into the future, the variety and frequency of cyber threats will rise. Some of the threats that cyber security experts predict include:

State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

In the recent past, we have witnessed cyber-attacks that seem to have originated from foreign governments. Presently, the purpose might be theft of information or just causing disruptions. However, could cyber security be the battlefield of the future? With the reliance on technology in every aspect of the nation, a cyber-attack could greatly influence the global agenda of nations.

Increased Organized Gangs

Unlike old-school cyber criminals who worked in seclusion, cybercrime has evolved into a well-organized outfit working internationally. We have seen them successfully launch large-scale ransomware attacks. For instance, over 250,000 devices were affected in the Wannacry attack of 2017. Such attacks will increase in the future as more organizations with cyber-criminal intent emerge.

Artificial Intelligence Will Be Key

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already playing a huge role in our lives and will play an even bigger role in cyber security. AI is a very effective tool in analyzing huge data volumes and running algorithms that map out patterns.

In a cat and mouse game scenario, cyber hackers use the same technology-sensitive data such as security credentials and network traffic to discover vulnerabilities in systems they can exploit. On the other hand, cyber security teams use Artificial intelligence to detect and preempt cybercriminal activity and predict new attack patterns.

Increased Need for Cyber Security Professionals

As we move into the future, the need to implement strong defenses against cyber-attacks will increase exponentially. That will require a new breed of highly-trained and skilled cyber security professionals who can counter the ever-growing threat of highly skilled cybercriminals.

To date, the number of people taking courses in cyber security is increasing and will continue to do so into the future. However, there is a growing gap between the number of skilled cyber security personnel and the vacancies in the industry. The demand for talented cybersecurity experts outweighs the supply, and the imbalance will continue to widen in the future.

Increased Hacking of IoT Devices

Today’s homes and vehicles use the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and the trend will continue to the future. Most modern cars have IoT devices like GPS tracking systems, sensors, audio systems, and other control systems, to name a few. Our homes also have these IoT devices such as home alarm systems, voice-activated windows, doors, audio systems, and more.

Most of these have Bluetooth capability to link with other devices and are also connected to the internet. For a cyber-criminal, this creates a very lucrative target. This trend will continue to grow and might even get riskier with the possible introduction of self-driving vehicles in the future.

Cyber attackers will be able to take control of your home and car and get access to your schedule. Also, they will be able to gain access to your personal information. Cybercriminals harvest such data on a large-scale basis and sell it on the black market. The most serious threat in the future could be cyber attackers taking control of your self-driving vehicle or home with malicious intent.

Increased Security In Remote Access

In the recent past, there has been a shift to working remotely. With this development, there has been an increased need to secure remote access. As this trend grows, companies will look to restructure their security strategy around a highly distributed setting. On the other hand, cyber attackers will rethink their strategy and find loopholes to target employees working in isolation but having access to the company’s network.

Effective cyber security systems have always physically separated critical data and tasks from the rest. An employee can perform certain tasks but cannot access corporate social media, email accounts, and public network connections. This trend is bound to continue in the future, with even more stringent measures being put in place.

Increased Political Interference Crimes

In the recent past, using cyber tools such as social media to influence public opinion has almost become a norm in the democratic process. Cyber security experts will re-strategize on how to combat cases of cyber-interference by foreign or local entities in the electoral process.

For instance, Google and Facebook invested in an Artificial Intelligence-based tech to root out “fake news” from their platforms. More IT companies are following suit, and the trend will continue for some time to come.

Update Your Cyber Security Today

In this day and age, there are many security challenges and cyber risks to be aware of. The possibility of new threats rises by the day, prompting the need for data security. At Chesapeake Data Solutions, we have cybersecurity professionals and the experience to offer the best security solutions for your organization. We have comprehensively analyzed the present to protect you and your business from present and new vulnerabilities.

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