How Do I Know If My Business Network Is Safe from Hackers?

Whether you run a small business or a large organization, hacking is a major concern for all businesses, government organizations, and others. Hacking was once an unknown concept, but today everyone knows about it. Your business network is critical to the proper functioning of your business, and even if you have security mechanisms in place, hacking can still happen.

Before we learn about some signs to help detect hackers on your business network and what you can do to prevent it, let’s understand who hackers are and why they do it.

What is a Network Hacker?

A computer hacker is someone who uses computers, networks, and their skills to gain unauthorized access to systems and networks to commit crimes. These hackers intentionally violate your business network for many different reasons, such as fraud, theft, corporate espionage, and even malice. They are looking to make profits by exposing your network’s vulnerabilities and using them in different ways.

What are Some Clues that Your Business Network is Not Secure?

Hackers pose a serious threat to your business. Here are some of the top clues that show your business network might not be as secured as you thought it to be.

– Unsafe Programs are Installed

When you find new and unapproved programs are installed on the computer, it is a telltale sign that your network is not safe and might be already hacked.

– Spam Emails Being Sent Out to People

Another sign that your network is not secured is if you notice spam emails being sent from your company email addresses. Since these addresses are legit, many people consider them safe but can reduce productivity, disrupt daily work or use up too much of your computer’s bandwidth.

– Increased Network Activity

Any increase in network activity will indicate hacking or someone trying to bypass security. When someone hacks into your business network, they will use your bandwidth, causing your internet connection to slow down and prevent the proper functioning of your computers.

– Multiple Programs Requesting Access

Firewall on your business network will restrict unauthorized access to it. But, if you find programs requesting access to your network, there is a good chance your network is hacked.

– Uninstalled Firewall

Hackers often uninstall firewalls to gain easy access to your network. If you find your security firewall uninstalled, you should know that you are hacked.

– No Control Over Computers

When you or your employees lose control over the computer, and it seems to be functioning on its own, the chances are that someone is using it remotely.

How to Protect Your Business Network from Hackers?

The good news is that companies are working to create programs and software that can help you prevent hackers from attacking your computer network. Not all hacking attempts are made with the intention to destroy your information, but they can still disrupt your productivity. They also form a great indication that your business network is not very secure and should be looked into.  Having a multilayered defense strategy against hackers is necessary for all businesses, including small businesses. Have a professional check your network frequently to prevent hacking and data breaches.

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