What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

Today, businesses are backed by innovation. The ever-changing demands for technology throw serious challenges to small businesses, making IT management a big task. This is where Managed IT Services can help. Companies that cannot handle their IT functions on their own can outsource their IT needs to a reliable and professional provider. These Managed IT Services providers make executing, maintenance and monitoring of IT tasks easier than ever before. But, the success of it depends on the provider that you choose for your IT needs.

What Functions Does Managed IT Service Providers Carry Out?

Managed IT service providers allow companies to outsource some or all of their IT operations to a provider. These providers assume responsibilities for managing and monitoring IT functions and systems on their behalf. Often, they work as an extension of the IT department for larger companies. They can assume the total responsibility for small business owners so that business owners can focus on their core projects.

Data backups, security, patches, and maintenance of IT infrastructures take time and resources that not every business owner can afford. Thus, outsourcing IT services help keep your systems up to date and correct any potential IT issues before they even become a problem. Managed IT services are a great option for companies looking to operate at peak efficiency but do not have the right resources to hire on-site IT staff.

How to Choose the Right Managed IT Service Provider for Your Business?

Picking a wrong managed IT service provider can leave you with unexplained downtime, reputational damage, and unsatisfied customers. Thus, it is important to choose a reliable MSP for your business. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind –

• Availability

Your business network is working 24 hours a day, and the provider you pick should be available to you 24/7//365 days as your business depends on it.

• Prompt Service and Response Time

You’ll want your service provider to respond to your problems quickly. Ensure that the provider you pick responds in a timely manner.

• Disaster Recovery Planning

A good IT service provider will plan for the future, protect your data at all costs and ensure your business can easily recover from any disaster that it might be hit with.

• Daily Backups and Cloud Services

  • Ensure that the provider offers automatic and regular backups to a remote service for the safety of your data.

• Security Testing and Monitoring

When picking a managed IT service provider, ensure it includes regular security testing to protect your network from hackers and cybercriminals.

• Employee Support

If your employees cannot understand the technology, they won’t get anything done. Ensure that the service providers offer fast answers to technical problems and resolve issues quickly.

• Proactive Maintenance

Any good provider will not only fix technology that is not working properly but pro-actively run updates to ensure there are no problems in the first place.

Managed IT service providers offer great value to your business and help increase the efficiency of your bottom line. Finding the right provider will ensure that your business can grow to the next level without any problem.

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Technology Planning
Chesapeake Data specializes in IT and data solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.  Rapid access to data and accurate exchange of data is critical to stay competitive in today’s market.  We provide flexible, scalable IT solutions with your business’s objectives and goals in mind.  We specialize in meeting the needs of businesses in a wide range of industries.  Planning your IT can be tricky.  Plan too small and you will outgrow it in a short time.  Plan too large and you will be wasting your company’s resources. Chesapeake Data operates as your CIO to align information technology with your business needs to increase organizational performance while protecting and increasing your bottom line.
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Cyber Security
Chesapeake Data provides comprehensive information security, network security and computer services that remotely manage and monitor hardware. We also provide firewall protection that quickly detects and responds to suspicious network activity.  Chesapeake Data also remotely manages and monitors internet access and wireless networks for your staff to enhance productivity.  Our security solutions log all internet access and events, letting you know exactly what data is being sent and received. We can provide secure VPN access to allow employees to telecommute and access their work from a remote location.


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Network Infrastructure Management
Chesapeake Data configures computers to share data and resources, increasing your efficiency and keeping costs down.  Your network is the backbone of your company’s information systems. In today’s fast paced data intensive world, your organization needs a reliable IT infrastructure to conduct day-to-day operations and accomplish your mission.  Our professionals will design, implement, operate and maintain your IT infrastructure. We help align your long term business strategies with your network design to ensure flexible and interoperable security to increase ROI while achieving competitive advantages.
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Computer Repair
Chesapeake Data repairs computers at a fraction of the cost to replace them.  Common PC repairs that can dramatically improve your computers’ performance include:
  • Hard drive upgrades/replacements/additions
  • Power supply replacement/upgrade
  • RAM upgrades
  • File system repairs
  • Master File table (MFT) defragmentation
  • Page file defragmentation
  • Registry cleaning/repair
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VoIP Systems
Chesapeake Data has partnered with PanTerra to deliver you success by unifying all communications into a single, seamless, and cohesive solution called World Smart.

Unifying Features

  • WorldSmart 4.0
  • Unified Communication
  • Administration
  • Mobile/Remote Workers
  • Cloud Archiving
  • Multi-Location Optimized

Voice Services

  • Computer Telephony
  • Digital PBX
  • Softphone
  • Call Recording
  • Mobile Call
  • Enhanced Voice Mail
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Maintenance Program
Chesapeake Data’s skilled technicians excel at PC repair, and PC computer support.  Our monthly and quarterly preventative maintenance programs are designed to protect your computers and stop them from breaking down.

Maintenance Programs include:

  • Optimizing your PC
  • Removing built up files
  • Installing security updates and other Windows updates as necessary
  • Driver updates, when necessary
  • Adware and Spyware removal
  • Hard drive diagnostics

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